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Landsmanshaftn were organizations started by Jewish immigrants as a multi-purpose fraternal organization, health insurance, death benefits, and aid society. There were two New York landsmanshaftn for Przedbórz, the First Przedborzer Benevolent Association and the Independent Przedborzer Friends Society. The former has sections at three cemeteries in New York, at Floral Park, Montefiore (Block 53 Gate 469/E), and Union Field (Block 72). The latter has one at Beth David Elmont (Section G Block 7).

The First Przedborzer Benevolent Association was the first port of call for many newly arrived immigrants from Przedbórz.

Unfortunately, the paperwork for these organizations has not yet been donated to YIVO (and if anyone reading this has stumbled onto their archives or knows anything about these landsmanshafn, please contact me), so there isn’t a lot of information currently available about them.

The only notable mention of the groups was that the Przedborzer Friends Society got into some hot water in recent years when Eric Bennett, the current president of the society, was found to be selling burial plots in the classifieds of the Jewish Forward (rather than to members of the now-defunct society).

The one thing I’ve been able to dig up is a map of the burial plot for the First Przedborzer Benevolent Association at Union Field Cemetery in Ridgewood, New York. Note that this map structure and layout is the society’s construction, not my own, and the numbering is not entirely logical. But the list below may help you find additional relatives from Przedbórz that you might not be aware of. I was researching Goldberg relatives buried at Union Field when I saw there was another Goldberg in the Przedbórz section that I wasn’t familiar with, and I believe he’s a distant cousin. I’ll post about it once I prove it.

The First Przedborzer Benevolent Association section at Union Field Cemetery.

First Pzedborzer Benevolent Association at Union Field Cemetery in Ridgewood, New York burial plot

Row 1, left: 1. Moses Rosenzweig, 2. Rachel Rosenzweig (3/1/64), 3. Frimmet Freilich, 4. Kate Rosenbloom, 5. Beckie Makofsky, 6. Celia Gross (5/13/25) 7. Lena Kaufman, 8. Sarah Goldberg, 9. Helen Harris, 10. Witte Stein, 11. Lilly Ryshpan, 12. Rachel Weinbloom, 13. Mary Kirman, 14. Bertha Goldring, 15. Rachel Dolinsky, 16. Lena Ellentuch, 17. Leah Ryshpan (11-2-41), 18. Sarah Zymler, 19. Fanny Kaufman (3/14/46), 20. Anna Zacharias (5/28/52), 21. Devorah Meshenberg (8/17/53), 22. Rebecca Ryshpan (1/4/54), 23. Sylvia Wenglinsky (4/26/54), 24. Rose Gross (2/3/84), 25. Philip Gross (8/4/54)

Row 2, left (side): 1. Frieda Rosenzweig (3/31/56), 2. Esther Bukowsky (4/28/63)

Row 2, left: 9. Katie Wivietsky (12/29/57), 10. Anna Kaufman (10/7/59), 11. Freida Ryshpan (8/4/62), 12. Esther Milchman (6/24/55) 13. Anna Friedman (2/11/61), 14. Pauline Kreisler Jacobson (4/4/68), 15. Aita Rooal (5/2/67), 16. Rebecca Weinberg (6/29/72), 17. Gertrude Miller (5/21/73), 18. Fannie Linsky (3/17/77), 19. (empty), 20. Anna Melz (2/4/90), 21. Sophie Wicentowsky (8/13/74), 22. Paula Gelbtrunk

Row 2, right: Shaye Bukofsky (10/19/52), 2. Henry Weinbloom (7/15/53), 3. Abraham Rosenzweig (12/6/68), 4. Moses Ryshpan (6/3/56), 5. Isaac Ryshpan (2/25/57), 6. Harry Zacharias (10/3/57), 7. Pincus Ryshpan (11/17/57), 8. Max Ellentuck (3/16/64), 9. Rose Ryshpan (12/23/67), 10. Nathan Ryshpan (1/2/73), 11. Irving Miller (12/27/77), 12. Morris Gelbtrunk,13. Jacob Kaufman (3/7/82), 14. (blank), 15. Sol Linksky (8/14/89), 16. Jack Finkel (11/7/93), 17. Betty Finkel (8/12/2001), 18. Harvey Finkel (reserved) 19. Ann Finkel (reserved)

Row 2 (side): Edna Bregman, child, Sylvia Jacobs, Roslyn Jacobs, child, Samuel Skdorka, child, Emanuel Wicentowsky, Rachel Plachinsky, Arnold Milchman 

Row 1, right: 1. Moses Stein, 2. Daniel Guterman, 3. Jacob Goldring. 4. Saul Dotter, 5. Cheser Shalkow, 6. Jacob Harris, 7. Solomon Fishman, 8. Isaac Rosenzweig, 9. Max Gross, 10. Aaron Weinberg, 11. Harry Friedman, 12. Jacob Kirman, 13. Sam Dolinsky, 14. Philip Wivietsky, 15. Sam Kaufman, 16. Harry Zymler, 17. Max Miller, 18. Afraim Goldberg, 19. David Wenglinsky, 20. Paul Miller, 21. Emmanuel Goldberg, 22. Sam Rodal (1/15/45), 23. Morris Rosenblum (10/8/49), 24. Abraham Wicentowsky (3/14/50), 25. Harry Meshenberg (7/23/53)

The section for the First Przedborzer Benevolent Association at Union Field has been pretty well cataloged on, so if you are looking for a photograph of a specific headstone, check there.

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  1. I am looking for officers of First Przedborzer Benevolent Association.
    Does the association still exist? Can you help me?

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know; I am looking for the same information myself! Please do let me know if you find out anything.

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