The Przedbórz synagogue

MyHeritage has a pretty neat new tool out that colorizes old family photos. Emily Garber discovered that it works just as well on photos that don’t have people in them, so I tried it out on a photo of the Przedbórz synagogue.

The Przedbórz synagogue was known to be one of the most beautiful wooden synagogues in Poland. It was built in 1760, and destroyed in 1939. In the colorized version, it’s much easier to imagine what it must have looked like.

Przedbórz synagogue in color.
The original photo of the Przedbórz synagogue.

If you want to try the colorizing tool out but don’t have a MyHeritage account, you can also do it directly using DeOldify. It’s not as user friendly as the MyHeritage interface, but there’s a good video tutorial you can watch about how to use it.

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