1913 Volochisk business directory

The following is a list of Volochisk business owners from The Entire Southwestern Territory: A Reference and Address Book for Kiev, Volyn, and Podolsk Provinces published in 1913 by M.V. Dovnar-Zapolsky. The 1,158-page tome has detailed descriptions of the industrial and economic activity of the region, in addition to business listings.

Volochisk listing for The Entire Southwestern Territory.

The listings below were translated by Volochisk researcher Jeremy Grant. Both Jews and Christians are included, but those who were likely not Jewish have an asterisk by their name. It’s interesting to note that of 233 names listed in the directory, 209 were probably Jewish. However, of the nine doctors in Volochisk, only one was Jewish, while the only dentists listed were two Jewish women. There was also a list of military personal stationed at Volochisk that was not translated — there were no Jewish names among them.

A history on the official Volochysk website (Volochysk is the Ukrainian spelling of the town name), gives more information about what life was like in the town in 1913. “Since the beginning of the twentieth century until the First World War, the industry of Volochysk grew markedly. In 1913, the Volochysk Sugar Plant reached a production of up to 1.5 million rubles a year and employed 650 workers.”

“The brewery of Count L. Ya. Ledokhovsky produced products worth 32,000 rubles a year. The plant employed 8 workers. The brick factory, owned by the landlady NP Oleynikova, produced 18,000 rubles a year and employed 21 people. Along with the expansion of industrial production at existing plants, new industrial enterprises are emerging. In 1913 there was a factory of iron furnaces in Volochysk, owned by the Huns. It produced products worth 18,000 rubles a year. There was also a small soap factory, a tobacco factory, a water mill that processed up to 12,000 pounds of grain a year, and many handicrafts.

“An orphanage, a school, cultural, educational and state institutions were located in the magnificent palaces of Count L. Ledokhovsky, who was shot during the revolution.”

BusinessSurnameName (Russian)Probable full namePatronymic (Russian, abbreviated)Full PatronymicDuma voting listNotesAdditional people
Wine and gastronomical productsAVERBUCHAvrumAvrum, Abraham1907with AVERBUCH, Branya and AVERBUCH, Kelman
Wine and gastronomical productsAVERBUCHBranyaBranyawith AVERBUCH, Avrum and Kelman.
Wine and gastronomical productsAVERBUCHKelmanKalmanwith AVERBUCH, Branya and Avrum
GroceriesAYZENBERGBranyaBranyaBoruchBurech, Baruch
BakeryAYZENBERGYankelYankel, Jacob1907with AYZENBERG, Ruchel
Kerosine (+ salt).AYZENBERGIoelYoel, JoelMordkMordechai
Buyers of agricultural productsAYZENBERGLibaLibaShmulShmuel, Samuel
Wheat breadAYZENBERGIosYoysef, Joseph1907with AYZENBERG, Yankel
BakeryAYZENBERGRuchelRuchel, Rachelwith AYZENBERG, Yankel
Wheat breadAYZENBERGYankelYankel, Jacob1907with AYZENBERG, Ios
GroceriesBARENBOYMLiberLiber1907Possibly in Yad Vashem records. Born 1877. Son of Moshe. But married to Lea.with BARENBOYM, Sheyva
Haberdashery (Galanterie)BARENBOYMMoyseMoyseh, Moses1907with BARENBOYM, Gitl
GroceriesBARENBOYMSheyvaShevawith BARENBOYM, Liber
Haberdashery (Galanterie)BARENBOYMGitlGitl, Gitewith BARENBOYM, Moyse
Insurance Agents (“Rus. Transport. Company)BAUMTobiasToyvia, TevelIlIlya, Eli, Eliahu1907
Loan Credit Company. Legal representativeBAUMTobiasToyvia, TevelIlIlya, Eli, Eliahu1907
GroceriesBELATINSKYSheyvaShevawith BELATINSKY, Beyla
GroceriesBELATINSKYBeylaBeylawith BELATINSKY, Sheyva
FurnitureBEZMANYank.Yaakov, JacobPossibly mis-transcribed in English translation of 1907 Duma List as "Beaman".with BEZMAN, Gitl
FurnitureBEZMANGitlGitl, Gitewith BEZMAN, Yank.
Meat ProductsBEZPOYASNIKAbr.Avrohom, AbrahamBoruchBurech, Baruch
IronmongersBRESLERBeniom.Benyomin, BenjaminIn Yad Vashem lists.with BRESLER, Udl.
IronmongersBRESLERUdl.Hodel, Hadaswith BRESLER, Beniom.
PharmacyBUZHANSKAYALiba-RuchelLiba-Ruchel, Liba-RachelHolds lease of pharmacy.
PharmacyBUZHANSKIZelm.Zalman, SolomonPharmacy director
Buyers of agricultural productsCHAZENShifraShifraBenyiomBinyomin, Benjamin
Buyers of agricultural productsCHAZENYank.Yaakov, JacobGdalGedalia1906, 1907In Yad Vashem lists. No birth date given.
Ready-made dressesCHUSIDItsekItsek, Isaacwith CHUSID, Chaya
Ready-made dressesCHUSIDChayaChayawith CHUSID, Itsek
GroceriesCHVEKUNChaimChaim1907with CHVEKUN, Sura and CHVEKUN, Chaya.
GroceriesCHVEKUNSuraSura, Sarahwith CHVEKUN, Chaim and Chaya.
GroceriesCHVEKUNChaya.Chayawith CHVEKUN, Chaim and Sura
Leather ExportDAVIDMatus.Mattis, Matesyahu, Matthew
PhotographyFAERSHTEYNItaItskItsek, IsaacHer father, Itsko Shmuliovich Faershtein, is in the 1907 Duma List.
BakeryFELMANShayaShaya, Yeshaya, IsaiahYankYankel, Jacob1906In the 1906 Duma List the patronymic given as Berkovitch, not Yankovitch
MidwivesFISHERDvoyraDvoyra, DeborahAbrAvrum, Abraham
Buyers of agricultural productsFLOMINMoshkoMoyshe, Moses1906, 1907+co.
GroceriesFLYAMBRANDGavrilGavriel, Gabriel1906, 1907with FLYAMBRAND, Maria
GroceriesFLYAMBRANDMariaMaria, poss. Miriamwith FLYAMBRAND, Gavril
Doctors (sub-lieutenant 19th Brigade Border Guards)FOSS*KarlGenr
GroceriesFRENKELDuv.Duvid, David
Agricultural machine and tool warehouse (see advertisement)FRIDMANS.I.Shimon, SimonYoysef, Joseph1906Shimon Iosevitch in 1906 Duma List.
ExpeditorsFRIDMANSam.SamuelPossibly Samuil Markovich Friman (not Fridman) on 1907 Duma List
Veterinary surgeonsGADYATSKY*Nikph.Christoph
IronmongersGALBERSHTAMEidlEidlwith KUPERMAN, Yenta
Wood shavings, boxes and packagingGALPERINMenashaMenasheShlemShloyme, Solomon
Egg exportGARTSIKDav.David
TablewareGECHTYank.Yaakov, JacobGershkHershA Yankel Gekht Appears in the Yad Vashem lists
Pharmaceutical ProductsGELBURDNuchimNuchem, NahumShamovShamai
Buyers of agricultural productsGELBURDItskoItsek, Isaac1907with GELBURD, Mintsya
Buyers of agricultural productsGELBURDLeyviLeyvi, LeviShamovShamai
Buyers of agricultural productsGELBURDSura-TserlSura-Tserl, Sara-Tserl
Buyers of agricultural productsGELBURDEsterEsther
Buyers of agricultural productsGELBURDMintsyaMintsa, Minnawith GELBURD, Itsko
Doctors (19th Border Brigade)GEPNER*Alfr.Emil
Wheat bread (oat)GERSHENFELDAyzikAyzik, Issac1907 "+ co"; Gershfeld, not Gershenfeld, in 1907 Duma List.
GroceriesGLEKELManusManish, Monish, MenachemItskItsek, Isaac1907
GroceriesGLEKELReyzyaReyza, ReyzlManusManish, Monish, Menachem
GroceriesGLUZGOLDNuchimNuchem, Nahumwith GLUZGOLD, Feyga
GroceriesGLUZGOLDFeygaFeygawith GLUZGOLD, Nuchim
Leather ExportGOFSHTEYNZeydl.Zeydl, Zeyde1907
Buyers of agricultural productsGOLDENGERSHIos.Yoysef, JosephNuchimNuchem, Nahum
Buyers of agricultural productsGOLDENGERSHUdlHodel, HadasLeybLeyb
Bread ExportGOLDFARBTsal.Tsal, Betzalel1907Goldsfarb, not Goldfarb, in 1907 Duma List.
ExpeditorsGOLDFARBTsal.Tsal, Betzalel
GroceriesGOLDMANSosyaSosyawith GOLDMAN, Yenta Gersh.
PrintingGOLDMANFishelFishl1907with TARTAKOVSKY, Ios.
GroceriesGOLDMANYentaYentlGersh.Hershwith GOLDMAN, Sosya
ManufactureGOLTSMANMoysheMoyshe, Moseswith GOLTSMAN, Fridl
ManufactureGOLTSMANFridlFridlwith GOLTSMAN, Moyshe
FlourGORBATAYAMalkaMalkaNuchimNuchem, Nahum
Meat ProductsGORBATYIovelYoel, Joelwith GORBATY, Malka
Meat ProductsGORBATYMalkaMalkawith GORBATY, Iovel
Buyers of agricultural productsGRINChaim-BerChaim-Berwith GRIN, Ruchel
Buyers of agricultural productsGRINRuchelRuchel, Rachelwith GRIN, Chaim-Ber
GroceriesGRINBERGBoruchBurech, Baruch1907Grinbarg, not Grinberg, in 1907 Duma List.with GRINBERG, Matlya.
GroceriesGRINBERGMatlya.Matl, Mattewith GRINBERG, Boruch
Beer BreweryGRUBETS*RozaliaVyachslBrewery leased to Grubets; Annual turnover 45,000 Rub. 11 workers.
Stove ManufactureGUNBr."Br" probabably denotes "brothers". In the 1907 Duma List there are two GUN brothers:Yehuda and Joseph-Mordechai.
Insurance Agents (“Russia Company”)KAMENETSKYNuch.Nuchem, NahumYakovlYaakov, Jacob1906
Expeditors - trading houseKAMENETSKYN1906, 1907
GroceriesKATSGenyaGenya, YevgeniaShabsShabse, Sabbatai
FlourKATSBoruchBurech, Baruch1907with KATS, Branya.
FlourKATSBranya.Branyawith KATS, Boruch
Expeditors - trading houseKATSNERN.L
GroceriesKIPERVASEREtlEtl, EstherMoshkMoyshe, Moses
Leather TradeKIPERVASERZeydaZeyde, ZeydlMoshkMoyshe, Moses1906, 1907
Leather TradeKIPERVASERSrulYisruel, IsraelMoshkMoyshe, Moses
Leather TradeKIPERVASERShmulShumel, SamuelIosifYoysef, Joseph1906, 1907Patronymic is Nakhmanovitch, not Iosifovitch, in 1907 Duma List.
Hotels - “Petersburg”KLEYMANB.1906, 1907
Lumber WarehouseKOENGershHershMoyshMoyshe, Moses
Official RabbiKOLTUNPinchasPinchos, PhineasAyzikAyzik, Issac1906
Talmud Torah (oversight):KOLTUNPinchasPinchos, PhineasAyzikAyzik, Issac1906
Wood shavings, boxes and packagingKORENBLITD.1906Factory leased to KORENBLIT; 35 workers. Annual turnover 20,000 Rub.
ManufactureKOTELYANSKYTsipraTsipra, Zipporawith KOTELYANSKY, Ruchel
ManufactureKOTELYANSKYRuchelRuchel, Rachelwith KOTELYANSKY, Tsipra
Insurance Agents (“2nd Russian Fire Insurance Company”)KOVALEVMoys.Moyshe, MosesDavDuvid, David1906, 1907
Agricultural machine and tool warehouseKOVALEVMoys.Moyshe, MosesDuvid, David1906, 1907
Loan Credit Company - Members of the boardKOVALEVM.D.Moyshe, MosesDuvid, David1906, 1907
GroceriesKRIKSGABERGitlGitlDavidDuvid, David
Book TradeKRISHTULIos.Yoysef, Joseph
TypographyKRISHTULBoruchBurech, BaruchLeybLeyb
Egg exportKRUYak.Yaakov, Jacob
Meat ProductsKRUTYGershkoHersh1906, 1907+co.
GroceriesKUMETSIosYoysef, JosephMeerMeir1906, 1907with KUMETS, Frima
GroceriesKUMETSFrimaFrima, Frumawith KUMETS, Ios
IronmongersKUPERMANYentaYentawith GALBERSHTAM, Eidl
GroceriesKUTISMANIosYoysef, Joseph1907with KUTISMAN, Chava
GroceriesKUTISMANChavaChavawith KUTISMAN, Ios
Buyers of agricultural productsLATEREzraEzra1906, 1907with LATER, Lea
Buyers of agricultural productsLATERLeaLeahwith LATER, Ezra
Mills (watermill)LEDOCHOVSKYL.Ya
Beer BreweryLEDOCHOVSKY (Gr.)*LevYanush"Gr" is an abbreviation for "Graf"(Count). The Ledochowskis were a Polish noble family. He also owned the watermill. He was shot by the Bolsheviks in 1919 during the Civil War.
GroceriesLERNERSuraSura, SarahNuchimNuchem, Nahum
DentistsLERNERReyzaReyza, Reyzl, RoseZelm.Zalman
GroceriesLIBACHMoshkoMoyshe, Moses1907with LIBACH, Zlata
Wheat breadLIBACHVolfVolf, VelvelPerts.Perets1907.
GroceriesLIBACHZlataZlatawith LIBACH, Moshko
Mills (rollermill)LIBMANYank.Yankel, JacobSrulYisruel, Israel
Egg exportLITVAKSam.Samuel
Loan Credit Company - Members of the boardLITVINSamSamuelDav.David1907
KerosineLVOVITCHYank.Yanekl, JacobMoshk.Moyshe, Moses1906, 1907
Fish buyerLYUBTSCHANSKY*Timof.
Egg exportMADELBLYATLeyb.Leyb
GroceriesMANDELSura-Edl.Sura-Edl, Sarah-Edl
Buyers of agricultural productsMASISGershHersh1906, 1907with MASIS, Lea
Buyers of agricultural productsMASISLeaLeawith MASIS, Gersh
IronmongersMEDIYANItaItaShabs.Shabse, Sabbatai
IronmongersMEDIYANItaItawith MEDIYAN, Beyla
IronmongersMEDIYANBeylaBeylawith MEDIYAN, Ita
ManufactureMELAMUDBinimBinem, Bunem1906, 1907with MELAMUD, Brana
ManufactureMELAMUDBranaBranawith MELAMUD, Binim
Haberdashery (Galanterie)MELMANMoysheMoyshe, Moses1907with MELMAN, Ruchel
ManufactureMELMANMoysheMoyshe, Moses1907with MELMAN, Ruchel
Haberdashery (Galanterie)MELMANRuchelRuchel, Rachelwith MELMAN, Moyshe
ManufactureMELMANRuchelRuchel, Rachelwith MELMAN, Moyshe
Veterinary surgeons (Border Guards)MISLOVSKY*Vas.Pet
ToysMUTCHNIKIos.Yoysef, JosephAbrAvrum, Abraham1907
NewsagentsMUTCHNIKIos.Yoysef, Joseph1907with MUTCHNIK, Sheyva
PrintingMUTCHNIKIos.Yoysef, Joseph1907with MUTCHNIK, Sheyva
Buyers of agricultural productsMUTCHNIKAbr.Avrum, Abraham1906, 1907with MUTCHNIK, Etl
NewsagentsMUTCHNIKSheyvaShevawith MUTCHNIK, Ios.
PrintingMUTCHNIKSheyvaShevawith MUTCHNIK, Ios.
Buyers of agricultural productsMUTCHNIKEtlEtl, Estherwith MUTCHNIK, Abr.
GroceriesNAGLERKisilKisiel, Yekutiel1906, 1907with NAGLER, Mintsya
GroceriesNAGLERMintsyaMintsa, Minnawith NAGLER, Kisil
FlourNEYTERSrulYisruel, Israel1907with NEYTER, Feyga
FlourNEYTERFeygaFeygawith NEYTER, Srul
ManufactureNEYZLShul.Shulem, Shalom1906, 1907with NEYZL, Lea and NEYZL, Pesi.
ManufactureNEYZLLeaLeawith NEYZL, Shul. and Pesi.
ManufactureNEYZLPesi.Pesya, Peslwith NEYZL, Lea and Shul
Insurance Agents (“St Petersburg Life Assurance Company”).NUSENBAUMAbelAbel, AbbaZusevZusya1907
Wine and gastronomical productsOBERMEYSTERGeniaGenia, YevgeniaMendelMendel, Menachem
Wine and gastronomical productsOBERMEYSTERChaskelChaskel, Yecheskiel, EzekielIosYoysef; Joseph1906
Haberdashery (Galanterie)OYFEMeirMeir1907with VITELS, Mordko.
GroceriesPARNESYank.Yankel, Jacob1906, 1907+co.
Bread ExportPERTSELEYLeyzorLeyzer, Eliezer1906, 1907Perhaps a error. PERTSELYAEN earlier on. And Leizor Pertselyaen in the 1906 and 1907 Duma Lists.
Buyers of agricultural productsPERTSELYAENMichelMichael1907+co.
Wheat breadPERTSELYAENKelmanKalmanMork [Boruch.][Burech, Baruch]1907Patronymic given as Borukhovitch in 1907 Duma List.
DentistsPISAREVSKAYA-BARULeaLeaSucherYisocher, IssacharHer father, Soskher Mordkovich Pisarevskiy, is in the 1907 Duma List.
Doctors (sub-lieutenant 12th Regiment of Dragoons).PONOMAREV*Pav.Iv
BakeryPOSTERNAKMoshkoMoyshe, Moseswith POSTERNAK, Ruchel
BakeryPOSTERNAKRuchelRuchel, Rachelwith POSTERNAK, Moshko
ManufacturePOYZNERFeigaFeigaIoelYoel, Joel
GroceriesPUGATCHDuv.Duvid, DavidFridelFridel?
Mineral WaterRABINAbr.Avrum, Abraham1906with RABIN, Sheyva
Mineral WaterRABINSheyvaShevawith RABIN, Abr.
Tableware (clay and wood dishes)RAYCHBinimBinem, BunemIn Yad Vashem records, but no birth date.with RAYCH, Freyda
Tableware (clay and wood dishes)RAYCHFreydaFreydawith RAYCH, Binim
GroceriesREZNIKMalkaMalkaElevEli, Eliezer
Egg exportROZENFELDTsalTsal, Bezalel1906, 1907
Buyers of agricultural productsRUCHVARGERItsekItsek, Isaac1906, 1907with RUCHVARGER, Lea
Buyers of agricultural productsRUCHVARGERLeaLeahwith RUCHVARGER, Itsek
ExpeditorsRYUDIGERS.L" et co."
Kerosine(+ salt)SEGALVolfVolf, VelvelIovelYoel, Joel1907
Buyers of agricultural productsSHATSFrimaFrima, FrumaTsalBetzalel, BezaleelAppears in Yad Vashem records. Born 1880. Evacuated to Uzbekstan during WWII.
Wheat breadSHILMANGoldaGoldaShaevShaya, Yeshaya
Buyers of agricultural productsSHKLYARMordkoMordechaiOvshievOshia, Hosea or Joshua1906, 1907
Jewish Girls School (3 forms)SHMULENSONPerliPerlaChaim-GershChaim-Hersh
Leather TradeSHPORINMariaMaria, poss. Miriamwith SHPORIN, Moshko
Leather TradeSHPORINMoshkoMoyshe, Moseswith SHPORIN, Maria
Hotels - “Kiev”SHTEYNMANTs.Poss. Tsemach or Tsodek
WinesSHUSTERYefimYefim, ChaimIv.Ivan?
GroceriesSIGALBerkoBerShmulShmuel, Samuel1906, 1907
Bread ExportSTERNIKMoys.Moyshe, Moses1906, 1907Appears in Yad Vashem records. Birth date 1880. Subsequently lived in Kiev.
ExpeditorsSTERNIKMoys.Moyshe, Moses1906, 1907
Veterinary surgeonsSVIRIN*Serg.Nikl
PrintingTARTAKOVSKYIosifYoysef, Josephwith TARTAKOVSKY, Beyla
PrintingTARTAKOVSKYIos.Yoysef, Josephwith MUTCHNIK, Ios.
PrintingTARTAKOVSKYBeylaBeylawith TARTAKOVSKY, Iosif
Meat ProductsTCHECHOVSKY*OnisUnclear whether he is Jewish or not.
GroceriesTRAUBERSheyndlSheyndl, Sheyne
Veterinary surgeonsVANKEVITCH*Al-eyStep
Wheat breadVASSERMANVen.Venjamin, BenjaminAbrAvrum, Abraham
Book TradeVAYGERDuv.Duvid, DavidIosYoysef, Joseph
GroceriesVAYNERDuvidDuvid, DavidSanevPoss. Sonya, Noson, Nathan?
Cinematography - “Illusion”VAYNZOPH’SPossibly Srul Volkovich VAINZORPH in 1907 Duma List. He was born 1881. He subsequently moved to Odessa and was murdered in the Holocaust. On Yad Vashem lists.
Buyers of agricultural productsVAYSERBoruchBurech, Baruchwith VAYSER, Ita
Buyers of agricultural productsVAYSERItaItawith VAYSER, Boruch
ManufactureVEYGERIosYoysef, Joseph1907+co.
GroceriesVINOKURShimonShimon, SimonBorn 1877 to Mordechai and Rivka. Married to Eidl. During WWII he was in Odessa. Murdered in the Holocaust. On Yad Vashem lists.with VINOKUR, Eydl
GroceriesVINOKUREydlEidlBorn in 1880 to Michael and Esther. Married to Shimon. During WWII she was in Odessa. Murdered in the Holocaust. On Yad Vashem lists.with VINOKUR, Shimon
Veterinary surgeonsVISHIPAN*Dmit.Lv
Egg exportVITELSBevts.[Bents.]Benzion1907"Bevts" is a misprint for "Bents". In the 1907 Duma List, he is listed as Bentsion Shmuilovitch
Haberdashery (Galanterie)VITELSMordko.Mordechaiwith OYFE, Meir
Credit Institution “Ssudo-sberegat" Company. Representative: VITLISZus.Zusya1907Probably a misprint for "Vitels" or "Vitils". In the 1907 Duma List he is Zus Shmulevich. Possibly appears on Yad Vashem lists but without birthdate. May have been murdered in Holocaust.
Book Tradewith MUTCHNIK, Ios.Ios.Yoysef, JosephAbrAvrohom, Abraham1907
ManufactureZAKSBeyrishBeyrishwith ZAKS, Moshka.
ManufactureZAKSChayaChayawith ZAKS, Tsipoyra
ManufactureZAKSMoshka.Moyshe, Moseswith ZAKS, Beyrish
ManufactureZAKSTsipoyraZipporahwith ZAKS, Chaya
Loan Credit Company - Members of the boardZALESKY*Sever.Mirosl
GroceriesZILBERMANKelmanKalman1906Born 1867. Lived also in Satanov. On Yad Vashem lists. Murdered in Holocaust.
Lumber WarehouseZILBERMANLeaLeahwith ZILBERMAN, Benyam.
Lumber WarehouseZILBERMANBenyam.Benyumin, Benjaminwith ZILBERMAN, Lea
Hotels - “Slavyansky Rooms”
Tableware - Potrebitelnoe Company
Sewing Machines - Singer Company
Boxes - See wood shavings, etc.
Market - Thursday every other week.

There was also an advertisement in the Volochisk section:

Advertisement for S.I. Fridman (translation below).

Volochisk Station, South-Western Train Line.
Warehouse for agricultural machines and other tools produced by foreign and Russian manufacturers.
The sole representative of the famous German manufacturer of forged steel ploughs, the Eberhardt Brothers in Uln1: exclusive distributor for Volyn, Podolia and parts of Bessarabia.

You can browse the The Entire Southwestern Territory online from National Library of Ukraine.

For more on researching your Volochisk roots, see Volochisk Jewish Genealogy.

  1. A misprint for Ulm, the German city 

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